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In this world, interconnectivity is in crisis. Functionality and financial rewards seemingly guide our working relations and are affecting our ability to relate through others and ourselves. The human perspective seems to be lost, leading to divided and less productive teams and organizations.

The Connection Quotient enables an honest, courageous and humane interconnection to form while still focusing on financial outcome and result – developing these relations to improve the business networks they serve. The CQ enables us to illuminate our human qualities and use these to connect with others, discuss differences, expand insight and encourage the development of new ideas. The CQ will introduce a new workplace culture where organizations and teams can approach the personal and professional through a more transparent and inclusive style. Ultimately, the CQ makes it possible to play ‘hard on the ball, and soft on the individual.’


‘Buschman wisely instructs us on how to use this book before we dive in. A workbook, for inspiration or reference guide. Because it can be all that.

If you’re new to leading others. If you’re shifting roles from a tough, combative culture to a more socialised and gentler way of operating. If you’re moving to a position of influence from being a deep expert in one area. This book WILL be useful to you. I’d call it a ‘transition guide’ rather than a workbook (yet, of course, it can be a kind of study programme).’

Quote from the book review by Perry Timms, The HR Director

‘The Connection Quotient shows us how bringing humanity to our workplaces and our relationships creates sustainable business results – and ultimately a more positive world. Marco Buschman is a champion for all leaders who put humanity first, day after day – and a challenger to those who do not.’

The Connection Quotient provides the reader with many references and practical tools to expand their leadership effectiveness. Starting from individual consciousness, Marco Buschman offers frameworks for reflection, exercises for personal discovery and shares his experience as a consultant and coach of executives and senior teams for those that want to lead teams, organizations and the larger context.’

‘Being a good ancestor today demands us to connect to build better futures for tomorrow. In The Connection Quotient, Marco invites us into a structured conversation where we can explore what connection means as a practice. It’s playful and sincere; emotional and rational; fun and hard work: Like many of the best things life has to offer.’

‘Like a Japanese fable, The Connection Quotient provides the reader with a long line of shimmering input, encouraging and even requesting the reader’s complete attention. Buschman acts like a Shaman, ending each chapter with assignments and numerous questions for reflection, by which the reader can connect with themselves, their network and their organization.’

‘The Connection Quotient challenges you to ‘see with new eyes’ how you connect with yourself, others, your team, your organisation and the world by weaving a compelling narrative through evocative stories, insightful observations and supporting wisdom. This is a timely book on what makes us truly human – the power of connection.’

‘Marco’s work on the Connection Quotient (CQ) is a deeply personal account demonstrating the importance of human connection, starting with yourself, other, the people you work with and society at large. A beautiful systemic perspective offering practical easy-to-use guides to deepen your own CQ as well as nurturing and managing your connections. The future of humanity lies in our collective capability and connectedness, hence an absolutely must read.’

‘The book The Connection Quotient demonstrates that the essence of leadership is about creating powerful connections with yourself, the other, your team, your organization and the world around you. Who are you as a function and who are you as an individual? Marco discusses these themes with a youthful business-like élan, rendering them tangible.’

‘Connection occurs when an employee or manager is able to add meaning to relationships in the broadest sense of the word. Essentially, this is all about intention, communication and genuine contact. In my opinion, this primarily means listening, approaching others in a respectful way, and giving the other person space. These themes are superbly covered in this book.’

‘Marco was able to articulate a remarkable ‘no non-sense’ and pragmatic guide to becoming a better person, a better friend and a better leader! The Connection Quotient makes you reflect deeply on yourself and your connections. It provides a powerful balance of individual stories underlined with the latest research in leadership development. It embarks you on a journey of consciously building personal and professional connections (starting with yourself), so that you surround yourself with high energy and fulfilling relationships. You can expect a stunning impact on your personal life and your business environment!’

‘I decided to read this book as a reference book and to select chapters that were relevant for myself. However, once I started reading, I became so captivated by the story that I couldn’t wait for the next chapter to start, and the next, and the next… The personal reflections, practical theory and challenging assignments ensure that The Connection Quotient is more than just another book about leadership. It is a unique and holistic experience that compels you to re-think your vision on business and life.’

‘The Connection Quotient” is TED talk material. It is an innovative idea that encourages out of the box thinking. In this brilliant book Marco guides his readers through the importance of self awareness, moving one step further from the so called “soft skills” in management, straight to the core of professional and personal development. A must read for everyone who cares about achieving growth and job satisfaction at the same time. You will be surprised to see how these two can be truly combined. Marco delivers on everything he promises with this book.’

‘Marco provides an important book with the connection quotient. The starting point for leadership and change management is with the individual – Marco does a great job of holding up a mirror with an easy step-by-step guide, allowing you to firstly connect with yourself. Marco shares candid, relatable experiences in a real practical guide to increasing your CQ. If you’re looking to better yourself, your team or organisation, the connection quotient provides you the know how. This really is a must read – without a doubt it’s a step in the right direction, a step toward a better future!’

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